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Default Re: I am still unaware of Hawks fans really exist

The Hawks are the type of franchise that have the potential to have a huge market fanbase being in the ATL, but not really outside of their geographic region. I doubt there's many Hawks fans in Maine or say Utah. Not like you'd have your handful of Lakers, Celtics, Magic, Cavs etc. - for obvious reasons. Also, Joe Johnson isn't exactly a superstar level player either.

The Hawks have been winning consistently enough for awhile... and placing the 4th seed in the East, what two straight seasons? So they're obviously on the rise and seem to steadily be on that path. I live in NC, Bobcats fan, but the past few seasons I've been pulling for ATL in the playoffs. Perhaps b/c they're the next closest franchise to me, minus maybe the Wizards, but to hell with Washington LOL.
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