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Default Re: 2009-10 Cavaliers season thread

Few thoughts at this point in the year:

--Deep, DEEP team we have here. We can come at teams in waves.

--Danny Ferry has done EVERYTHING in his power to put the right pieces around our franchise player. A-plus effort

--Really worried about Shaq's conditioning when he comes back

--Glad to see us pick up our effort vs. sub-500 teams. This was a problem early on. I mean, we will still struggle during certain games, but the past few months, more often than not, we get the job done

--Mo has something to prove during the playoffs. Fair or not, some people view him as someone who doesn't step up in the clutch. With that said, our additional depth (and the acquisition of Jamison) permits him to have an off game. When he did last year, that put more pressure on LeBron.

--More worried about a potential playoff matchup vs. Boston than most. Rondo is a beast, and a matchup nightmare. I think those old guys have another run left.
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