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Jason X is bad but its not nearly as bad as Jason Goes to Hell. What the hell was with the guy eating Jasons heart and becoming possesed by him? It has to be the worst Jason flick by a mile and thats saying something.

Caddyshack II was just pathetic. The wannabe Rodney Dangerfeild is worse than finger nails on a chalk board. The gopher was overused. Dan Akroyd is average but he is replacing Bill Murray so he doesnt stand a chance. The only funny joke in the movie is when Chevy Chase says to a guy something like "I'd love to stay and chat but look at the time!" then glances at his wrist where there is no watch and walks off.

Speed II is mediocre but the music is so awful that it gets dragged down even worse. Watch it when its on Starz sometime to see. Its like the music wasnt even written for it. Sandra Bullock should haave been thrown overboard shes so annoying in it.

Batman and Robin..... thanks for nearly killing the Batman franchise Jerry Bruckheimer. they cheesed it up and turned what should be a crime ridden major city into a rave. freezing the city?
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