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Originally Posted by kentatm
The only funny joke in the movie is when Chevy Chase says to a guy something like "I'd love to stay and chat but look at the time!" then glances at his wrist where there is no watch and walks off.

What about the one that goes something like this...

Guy: "That's a nice picture. Are those your parents?".

Chevy: "Yeah they are, but they're not with us anymore...".

Guy: "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that."

Chevy: "No no I don't mean they're dead. They just on vacation".

Guy: "Oh, well that's quite a relief."

Chevy: " I'm sorry...they are dead. My mistake."

I'm sure I butchered that (only seen it once) but I thought it was a good one. Of course it was all in the delivery, which is the case with just about every funny thing Chevy Chase ever did.
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