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Default best teams for top ten prospect

1-John Wall

1-Pacers- The kid won't be getting any competition for the starting spot, and he'll have a run and gun offense to play in and he won't have to carry the scoring load.
2-Wizards-Another team with a complete lack of a point guard. Randy foye obviously isn't a real point, and starting Boykins just presents to many matchup problems.
2-Wesley Johnson-

Kings- They don't really have any perimeter depth other then Caspi and Evans. Wesley also seems more then capable of playing off the ball. He also fits in with there insanely huge lineup if he ends up being a 2 guard in the league
Nets- Also don't have any perimeter depth. I feel sorry for whover gets drafted by the Nets. I wouldn't wish it on poor Wesley Johnson, but its none the less a good fit.

3-Derrick Favors and Cousins

Warriors-Both basically fill a similar role. Warriors have nobody in the front court, especially considering that Nelson is so afraid of playing anthony randolph.
Pacers-Hibbert has played okay this year, but if I were the pacers, and didn't have a chance at Wall I'm going for one of these two.
Pistons-I don't even know who they're playing at center now that Ben Wallace is gone. Their front court sucks, and if they get one of these two in the draft, they might be borderline playoffs next year.

4-Evan Turner

Timberwolves- Nobody on the TWolves can make plays for someone else, and Turner can fix that, especially since they already have Flynn starting, Ramon Sessions and maybe Rubio coming over in a year or two.
Jazz-He wouldn't be asked to do much his first year (or probably given the opportunity since its sloan) but in the long run he will have a good environment to develop.
I haven't watched enough of other to know where theyd be best. What are your thougts?
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