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Default My opinion of Joe Johnson has changed...

... and for the better. I've always regarded the guy as vastly overrated, and even more overpaid. Since his emergence I never bought into the hype or even consideration this guy could be a franchise player; and by franchise player I mean someone capable of being your team's best player and someone who can give you a good change of making the playoffs. Franchise player doesn't equate to 'superstar' IMO.

I can see JJ being a franchise caliber player. I'm still not so sure he's worth his salary but I don't really see the guy as overrated anymore. His past couple seasons with ATL has really proven he is all-star worthy and a vital part to one of the East's more elite teams (elite being Top 4 consistently years after year as they have been here a good 2 going on 3 seasons now).

His clutch winning shot against Charlotte in OT few nights ago was nothing less of phenomenal.
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