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I hate pretty much all sequels that don't have the same actors in them. I'm not saying these movies are good movies, just the sequels really sucked.

Fast & Furious sequels. original was pretty good. but sequel #1, 2 Fast 2 Furious wasn't as good because Vin wasn't in it, and Tyrese was horrible. still watchable, but not that good. the #3 installment was just plain Stupid. neither of the 2 main actors in the first were involved, and the movie just plain sucked. I cannot watch this movie again at all.

XXX: the movie was a alright movie. the sequel XXX:state of the union was pretty bad. Ice Cube just wasn't the actor to get in replace of Vin Diesel.

Scream : the original was an okay movie. but once it was done, the sequels just didn't live up to the original.

others that i liked the original, but hated the sequels.
I know what you did last summer.
Wild Things (sequels had no-name actors)
Cruel Intentions (sequel had no-name actors)
Bad Boys

also Rocky 5 was just retarded.
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