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Default the better team won

came in THIS THREAD to eat some crow...

yup, i'm a bitter and broken lakers fan. i didn't want shaq to win another title.

but i'm here to give him and the heat props.

i thought the changes during the off season were going to cause chemistry problems.

i thought riley was a creep to undermind svg.

didn't think this team was good enough to beat whoever came out of the west.

i was wrong on a lot of levels.

the heat wanted it more than the mavs. shaq being doubled opened up things for the rest of the team. wade put the team on his shoulders. i've become a fan of haslem's because of this series. he was great and did what what was asked of him and more.

zo is the perfect backup center and was playing w/heart. not a fan of walker's, but another guy who did what he need to to do. payton came in and hit HUGE, HUGE, HUGE shots in key situations. he was so dam clutch!

congrats to heat and to all the heat fans. the better team won and deserved it. anyone who b!tches about ref's calls are nothing more than bad sports. the heat showed in the 3rd quarter that they were winning it all. that really was where the heat showed they were the better team for me.

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