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Default Re: WIF all-time NFL draft?

That Kobe = Moss & Jordan = Rice comparison is waaaay off.

First of all, Kobe could never be argued as being on the same level as Jordan when they were at thier best, whereas Moss can be argued as just as dominant as Rice was at his best. If that were the case with Kobe, and he was just as dominant as Jordan was in his prime... the argument would be a whole different story.

And why does "prime" years and how dominant a player you were ONLY matter is basketball for some reason? You hear it almost in every argument in basketball, who had the better prime and who was the better player....and that goes a long way in determining your place in history...but in football it doesn't really matter as much. It's interesting.

Moss was just as dominant a player as any wideout in history. His impact on the field was Shaq in 2000 type shit.
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