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Default Who should the Bulls draft?

Hey long-time lurker here and I decided to register cause of the new board..

Well here's a question us Bulls fans have long been debating over.. who should we draft with our #2 this coming draft? Assuming rumors are true and the Raptors take Bargnani (not too big on him anyways), its pretty much down to TT or Aldridge. We got Noc and Deng so Morrison and Gay aren't really priorities. I like TT's athleticism and passion.. definately a Skiles and Paxson-type player. But he's small for a PF and his offense is pretty limited and it would be horrible if he turned out to be a Chandler clone. Aldridge, on the other hand, is talented in a low post and can create his own, something our big men lack. But he's been labeled soft and disappeared from games in the tourney. I'm leaning towards TT, but whoever Paxson chooses I'll support cause the Bull's draft picks have been pretty much been flawless ever seen Paxson came on board.
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