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Default Re: best teams for top ten prospect

Originally Posted by veilside23
i dont think that griffin will be an sf... he will be a pf .. beasley will be the one who will be better off to be an sf than griffin.

i think pacers need wall or monroe or favors . wall for obvious reasons. favors because their 4's aside from murphy wont be able to contribute much. like mcroberts and hansbrough they are good backups but not a pf that will take them to the next level.

ed davis suddenly dropped we all know why but this kid can play. . but i think wizzards will take him. blatche is a headcase and has verl low bb IQ.
I can't see indiana going pf unless its with pick 2 or 3- and favors doesn't fit at those picks- they'll take motiejunas at 2, I could see cousins or monroe being taken- but overall, they almost have to get a pg- wall if they win or bradley if not- or they even trade down and take willie warren
Ed davis is not a top 10 pick- a man among boys in the ncaa, but still not ready to be an imapact player- you sure wouldn't look to davis to be as much of an impact player as blatche
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