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Default Re: Playoffs in the Future for the Rockets?

yeah i doubt playoffs will be happening in houston this season but honestly im not as disappointed as i thought i would be. im always looking at the positive and what i know is that Aaron Brooks got a big boost of experience this season. Trust me, this season alone is going to help AB in his career in the long run. I feel Kyle Lowry also made use of this season to gain alot of experience and I hope he stays in houston.

Chase Budinger had a productive rookie season. Even though Ariza shot low percentages, i feel as though having this opportunity on offense will be helpful in the future, not necessarily to have the role because he will not have a significant offensive role, but to get some experience at that end of the floor. David Anderson had a productive rookie season. Jordan Hill is having a productive learning experience since he got to houston.

Most importantly we had a chance for Brooks and K-Mart to mesh, they will be a dangerous backcourt in the future. Scola has been beasting lately and i know he had a career high of 44 points this season, but i felt as though he should have taken advantage of this season more early. I felt he should have been more of a presence on the post being one of the more talented offensive guys on the team but maybe the small ball offense affected that. Carl Landry when he had him definitely took advantage of his opportunities when he got them.

In Summary, we may not make the playoffs but it was a successful season. Our young guys received valuable learning experience and they played great together for the whole season and we had a alright record. Next season we get Yao Ming back hopefully we will go back to being one of the strong defensive teams in the league, forgot to mention Jared Jeffries to along with Battier, and Hayes. Im looking forward to next year.
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