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Default Re: Sofoklis Schortsanitis "Big Sofo" Now 300 Pounds

Here you go with your hype again Lakas!

You know this guy is nothing but a creation of the Greek media! He will be a bust if he ever get's his fat ass across the Atlantic! Seriously, the Sofo hype machine is just sad and desperate at this point, he gets nothing but hype from EVERYBODY in Greece! He has no talent and has not proven anything, only gets love from Greek delusional fans who rides this guys nuts hard! In Greece you think he's a basketball talent only because he's black! He's not even the best player in Greece for his position.

The attention he gets from Greece is amazing. "Best center in Europe", "Most talented big man to ever come out of Greece". He's not even the best center on his team in Greece and can't get more than 2 rebounds per game in Euroleague play and yet you think this creation of Greek media can play anywhere else. He's lucky to even practice with Olympiakos. Pfff the Greek propaganda machine never ends with this Schortsanevergonnamakeit!
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