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Originally Posted by JtotheIzzo
as a white person I would like all white people to stop whining about not using the N-word. It is hateful and historically wrong. Using it makes you insincere and it is totally unecessary for white people to utter it, regardless of how many black people use it freely now.


people need to use common sense some times.... I dont understand this need that white people have to use the word..

you cant say everything other people say....

I cant walk up to a bunch of Italians calling each other daegoes and join in "hey daegoes" they wouldnt appreciate that because they dont know me and we dont have that understandin or trust between each other to use certain words

you can call your sister a fat b*tch, but a stranger cant... and why would a stranger whine and complain over it? because he desperately wants to call your sister a fat b*tch too?

how silly does it sound saying "Well her brother calls her a fat b*tch, so why cant I?"

cmon now
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