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Default Rudy Gay is just now as "good/talented" as Kevin Durant

I have watch both players now let me preach.

Rudy Gay has taken his game to a new level. It is amazing how good someone with crazy potential can get, when they decide to work hard and put their head on the right way when they want to get paid on a contract year.

He jumper is just as automatic as Durant's, and he now has 24 ft 3 point range. He needs to work on fts. He is way more athletic than Durant, and they are similar in height durant a tad bit taller. Way stronger added 15 lbs of muscle this off season. He is now just as efficient from the FG at 47%.

He just plays for Grizzlies where everybodys stats are lowered since their starting 5 is easily top 3 in the league. He has to play along another 20 point scorer in Z-bo and an 18 pt scorer in OJ and another 14 point scorer in Gasol. Durant highest ppg teammate is Westbrook with 16 ppg. His rebounding is lowered because he plays with 2 guys that average 11 and 9 reounds a game.

If this guy does leave Memphis, and goes to any team where he can get the main option and all the offense is run through him, he will be putting identical and numbers that rival Durant's, I am not talking about teams like GSW/NY/PHX where if your talented you will put up crazy stats I am talking about legit teams like Twolves or something. .

Now we can only hope OJ Mayo takes his game to the next level this off season.
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