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Default Re: Rudy Gay is just now as "good/talented" as Kevin Durant

Originally Posted by OhNoTimNoSho
A bold statement, but I have to disagree. Rudy Gay may be more athletic but durants length and height allows him to score in a wider array of situations. You admit his jumpers is not as good, but you are not aware how important that is. Combine better jumper plus length just puts Durant 2-3 notches higher than rudy gay. I did not take D into consideration.

There D is about the same. Kevin Durant jumper is better but not by much, and he is way better shooter. However Rudy has a better post play.I remember team usa camp, the director said Rudy Gay, not Derrick Rose, OJ Mayo, Russell Westbrook, and Kevin Durant were the two that seperated themselves from the pack a camp.

I am starting to see it now. Skill wise he really is right next to Durant, I am not fabricating or trying to troll. Watch the next Thunder game, and the next Grizzlie game. The only thing that scares me about Gay like most is, is he going to play like this once he is going paid? Does he really care about winning?
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