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Originally Posted by DoubleTech
i'd rather take NOTHING, than take on Raef and his contract. and if ben was determined to leave detroit, you think he would sign in boston?

you're clearly not an idiot, im just suggesting that you come up with a trade idea that is somewhat realistic.

using your logic, i came up with a couple trades:

nesterovic + udrih for ben... it's better than nothing
darius miles + ha sun jin... it's better than nothing
adonal foyle + cabarkapa... it's better than nothing

back in reality, we might see something like:
Brad Miller + Kevin Martin for Ben Wallace
Brad Miller and Kevin Martin isn't better than Raef and the seventh pick. Did you see how Miller just played this year? Didn't even notice him in the playoffs.
I rather listen to other offers. Rather let Ben walk for nothing if nothing is out there because why EAT a crap contract from Raef just to get the 7th pick? When the following offseason you can use Ben's cap room to splurge into free agency.
You should always listen to other offers, but how great of a offer will you get for a guy that's peaked as a great rebounder and team defender...but offensive nonentity? As for splurging in free agency, who is available out there right now that's a high-impact player? And they've got to act immediately, because next year Billups will be looking to cash in at a near-max level.
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