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Brad Miller's good offensively but his d is bad and disappearing in the playoffs is always a bad sign. And if you don't like Raef's deal paying Miller over 40 mil over the next 4 seasons shouldn't thrill you either. Kevin Martin is fine sixth man material but a guy like Marcus Williams could be a starting pg for over a decade.
yes, usually for something equally bad in return... not Ben freakin Wallace.
So, deals where one bad contract gets moved never happen? Somehow, I don't buy that. Plus you guys act like I'm proposing a deal for Tim Duncan. This is Ben Wallace. On an offense-first team he'd actually be a misfit. As it stands, he's 32 at the start of next season and will be aiming for a five-year deal. No less than four. The guy's game is 90% athleticism...and what do players lose after they turn 34? Thinking about it, I don't want to be paying near-max to the guy when he turns into Antonio Davis. Nevermind.
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