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Ah, yes...Congrats Miami!

I thought, along with a ****load of others, that game 5 was a crock and a couple of situations in game 3 were too but there's still no question that Wade was the best player on the floor and made it happen for his team. There were no referee arguments in game 4 when Miami beat the **** out of us and there certainly weren't any last night.

No EC team beat us on our home court this season and we hadn't lost 4 in a row all year. I was surprised that we didn't pull it out last night but all the credit goes to Miami.

I don't necessarily agree with whoever said Miami was the best team in the NBA this year. That's no offense to you Miami fans. I just thought Wade was the difference but as a whole Miami wasn't some incredible unit.

I'm more upset that it's the offseason than us losing the trophy.

OK maybe no more upset but I do ****ing hate the offseason. I'm not prepared for four months of boredom.
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