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1 - Marcus Williams - Heady PG that knows how to run a team. Shot is a little suspect.
2 - Randy Foye - More of a combo guard knows how to score with ease. NBA ready body. Can he run the point.
3 - Rajon Rondo - Lightning quick and the best athele out of this group. Has qeustions about running the team. Concerns also about his shot selection.
4 - Jordan Farmar - True PG...good vision, great team player hoever not as atheltic and quick as you would like in your PG.
5 - Sergio Rodriguez - great ball handler and slasher. Only average shot but his stock has risen considerably through the workout process.


1- Brandon Roy - Most NBA ready person in the draft. Verstile can play 1-3 positions. Notgreat at one thing but good at all.
2-Rodney Carney - 4 year senior. Best Athlete in this draft. Sometimes floats on the perimeter too much.
3 - Ronnie Brewer - At 6'7" intriguing because he can also play SG or SF. Good defender but has an unorthedox shot.
4-JJ Reddick - All american can shoot the lights out. However not much more to his game. Has a lot of work to do before entering the NBA.
5 - Shannon Brown - Good athelete. Good team player. Amazing at finishing on the break. Lack of size will hurt his stock.


1- Adam Morrison - Clutch. Can score from anywhere on the floor any way. Has the desire to become an all star. Not a great athlete sub par on man defence.
2- Rudy Gay - Really athletixc wing with all the tools. Mostly resembling a young scttie Pippen. Hoever his lack of desire and fire might be his down bringing.
3-Bobby Jones - One of the best defensive stoppers in this draft. Ball handling and shooting are average. Bruce Bowen made it for this long why can't he?
4-Marcus Vinicius - Brazxilian player has to bulk up. Really quick and athletic but needs to keep his head focused on the game. Most resembling a Tayshaun Prince if he works hard at it.
5-Steve Novak - Lights out shooter from behind the arc. There is always a place on the bench for guys that can shoot. Not much else has to work on defence and ball handling.

1-Andrea Bargnani - is a silky smooth shooter in the mold of Nowitzki. Has great size at 7" and has a quick first step. Also plays above average defence. Needs experience and a little more bulk but one day could be an all star.
2-Tyrus Thomas - Has great hops and is a game changer in his own right.Offence is raw up to this point but will develop over time. Loves to hustle and grab boards. Lots of upside.
3-Shelden Williams - Tough no nonese type 4. Voracious on the boards and one of the best shot blockers in the NCAA. However shot is slow and mechanical and will have to work on this at the NBA level to be successful. Reminds me of Antonio Davis.
4-Hilton Armstrong - Tall Lanky Forward from UConn showed he can play with more consistency this year. Can run the floor and loves to gobble up boards. Also decent shot blocker/alterer. Needs some beef.
5-Kevin Pittsnoggle - Has a funny name. Finesse type four with a good jumper. Can run the floor and is a decent ball handler. Will have to work on his lateral quickness and defence.


1-LaMarcus Aldridge - has all the tools to be an All Star. Good face up game God back to the basket game. Avergaed 9 rpg and plays good help defence. Must bulk up more.
2-Patrick O'bryant - Project bigman. can run the floor exrtremely well. Has soft hands and finishes well around the basket. Needs a lot of conditioning and polish but will be good in time.
3-Cedric Simmons great body and athletic ability for the NBA level. Godd rebounder and Shot block but raw on offence. Will make a good starter or bench player for a team a little ways down the road.
4- Saer Sene - Has done well in work outs and is the mystery guy of this draft.Has Good athletic ability and size for the C position. Skills are still really raw and will take time to develop. Compare him to Sam Dalembert from watching highlights.
5-Josh Boone - Watched his stock stedily drop aftert this season's inconsistent performances. When he's on is a good rebounder shot blocker and finisher next to the rim. If he's off he's a waste of space must deliver beter consistency otherwise will be out of the league bfore he knos it.
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