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Default Re: Shinn selling to Chouest?

New Orleans Hornets, George Shinn ready to move on

There really is nothing else we want to hear said by a New Orleans Hornets player or coach, given that a season that officially ends Wednesday night unofficially ended several weeks ago, when it became apparent that the playoffs were out of the question.

Frankly, all comments and explanations from players and coaches became moot once it became obvious there would be no postseason basketball this year.

All were doing now is awaiting the official sale of the Hornets from majority owner George Shinn to minority owner Gary Chouest, a deal Shinn made sound as good as done Sunday night, when he gave his first interview since news leaked that he was set to sell to Chouest.

Sounding much like a man who was about to lose one of the loves of his life - which Shinn, who has owned the Hornets since the franchise came into existence in 1988, is about to do - Shinn likened it to a death in the family while saying he wanted to move on with his life.

Truth is, were all probably as ready as Shinn for all the Is to be dotted and the Ts to be crossed. The Hornets vigorously need to dive into this offseason and make the necessary changes to not just get back in the playoffs, but to become contenders again. And the sooner the sale is made, the better for all involved.
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