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Default Re: I just dropped 70 in a high school scrimmage.

Originally Posted by beermonsteroo
Sorry but if this is true you have to be the worst ball hog ever. Sorry but what is the point is showing off in a trainings game like that? Really after dropiping 35 or something you really should have tried to get your teammates involved more. How many assists did you get? Scoring like nuts is ok when it really matters and your team would not win without your contribution. But in training? You ve gotta be kidding me. After dropping 30 you already prooved that you can score and dominate your teammates. So you should have tried to work on your playmaking abilities and passing skills after that.

Sorry, but you're completely wrong here. I'm actually leading the team in assists on the year, and I'm only third in scoring. Coach told me to use the practice game to work on my own shooting ability, and to test different types of scoring (Pull ups, fade-aways, left hand hooks in the post) which I have little experiance in. Assists weren't tallied in the game, but I assume I had around 5 or 6.
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