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Originally Posted by SupermanOnSteroids
remember like it was today. i was still in the army. we just got back from a 6 mile run. get home, as usual turn on the tv and without paying any attention get into the shower. i get out, and this girl that i was hitting had spent the night over, she's freaking out. and then they start showing the replays of the plane hitting the first tower. quickly get dressed get to the mess hall and hear that a 2nd plane just hit the other tower. got my food to go and got to work and find out another one just crashed at the white house. we have formation, everyone gets briefed. we fall out, and i go back to my office, start scrambling trying to get my stuff ready just in case, trying to get my troops ready, feilding calls from family and friends at the same time and then i hear on the phone about the 4th plane. by lunch, we had recieved our orders to secure some of the sensitive areas at the ranges away from the post. we drew weapons and loaded up our gear and went on our way. didn't see my bed again for 6 days, by then they had brought up some of the national guardsmen to relieve us. get back home and then just wait wait wait and wait. it was terrible.

thank you for your service
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