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Default Re: Sixers officially fire coach Eddie Jordan

Whenever a coaching job is open Larry Brown will be mentioned. His family being here? Eh, I look at it like this. Even if Brown was here how much difference does it make when it comes to his family? He is only going to be playing home games 41 times. Rest of the games he is away. You factor practice and preparation and he is away some more. Then you're back to Larry Brown when he tells reporters he is retiring because he misses spending time with his family. He misses this that and the third.

Also with Charlotte he is building them from the ground up to the team he wants. That team has the Larry Brown stamp on it. He doesnt stay in 1 place too long but I cant think of a time he bailed early on a franchise after starting to rebuild it to go elsewhere. Sorry the NYK situation does not count.

Anyone who comes here? Has to make defense a top priority in a big way. You look at these surprising teams like OKC, Charlotte, Milw? They all play good team defense. All of them. Bring defense here because this team didnt.
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