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I do not see Boozer named in articles , Web threads about him getting lov from teams as Bosh and Amare do. Boozer has been named or linked to possible new job locations as in Miami and Chicago , that is it.

He's been linked to many places and talked about ad nauseum since last season with his option year coming up. NJ on the front page of this site right now. He doesn't deserve the love that those other two get. He plays at one end of the floor and is all about money and numbers.

They have to get past Denver first , and probably meet up with the Lakers , who I think they can beat.

They can't beat LA or SA. Denver with an ailing Kenyon Martin and George Karl may have been a possibility with AK but now seems highly unlikely. AD would certainly love to hand it to the Jazz for the way they treated him I'm sure.

As for Sloan - how many years has he been coaching

Job security makes him great? It makes the Jazz front office idiots sure but Sloan great?

and how many of those years has he had his team in the playoff's

How many of those year did he have two of the greatest players ever healthy? You would have led them to the playoffs. Even the renowned comedian Frank Layden did.

Now he has Deron. They should win. Can he give them that extra edge that a Phil Jackson is famous for? No. He never has.

He is a horrible in game coach. He'll have them slow it up when the thing to do is run. He'll have them pack it in down low while they get killed from 3. He'll bench guys for shooting 3's. He won't shorten his rotation for the playoffs. He'll continue to play the same guys and make the same substitutions at the same time regardless of whom they are playing or the game situtation. He won't call a time out when it's needed. Etc., etc...

As he said last year, "what can I do?" WTF is up with that? Any other coach would have been out on his ass with that kind of comment.

Yes fouls will be the telling issue for Utah , and fouls do not occur because of the coach. The coach is on the side line.

But the coach instructs them to play that way. It's not a coincidence that the Jazz foul a lot more than everyone else.

Every critical position and or close game , Utah must play solid defense and not put their opponent on the line , (could say this about all teams) , but for Utah I think they could loss a series because of it.

Without AK good luck!
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