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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by Showtime
Jennings didn't "take" his team to the playoffs. Skiles, Bogut, and Salmons had a LOT to do with it, and if you replaced him with Curry or Evans, the Bucks would still be a playoff team.

Anybody who thinks BJ could take the warriors or kings to the playoffs, and that curry or evans would lead this buck team to the lottery are on something.

Well, since the lottery means not making the playoffs, I'd say that with Evans or curry they would have. Hard to imagine that those guys would fit on the Bucks. It's not all about stats...

It's easier to make shots when you are on a losing team... it's like every game is practice, but when everything you do matters, it can lead even a decent shooter to shooting under 40%.

You're right, though, he wouldn't have lead the Kings or Warriors to the playoffs. LBJ probably couldn't have done that.

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