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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
And he lost almost every one of those games, despite his stats or highlight plays.

Evans had multiple game winning plays, as well as a 35 point second half comeback in chicago. Without Martin's drama, the kings weren't that bad. With Martin, they only won 2 games.

If you watched the Bucks, you'd know that Jennings doesn't have the ball in his hands as much as Tyreke. Tyreke's ball domination would be a huge minus when it comes to the Bucks. And they could either put him at PG and let him drive every time while spacing the floor with shooters (the best possible strategy, IMO) or run him at the SG like they do in Sac town. The problem then is that they lose a shooter and space for Bogut.

You are assuming Evans would dominate the basketball with the bucks, which isn't the case. If he has a legit post option in Bogut (like he did with Landry after the trade), he has no problem giving up the ball. BJ averaged 5.7 dimes while Evans had 5.8 while splitting minutes at point. And he might have had more if his teammates could hit outside shots. It's a myth that Evans can't distribute.

[quote]The Bucks' have a very fluid offense with a lot of movement, the only player that really stops the ball is Salmons. If Kmart couldn't be effective playing with Tyreke, it's hard to see how Salmons could. It's still up in the air whether or not Tyreke would defer in the way a point guard should... or if he would get the ball to Bogut.

And as for Curry? Are you seriously saying he isn't a playmaker?

Tyreke is a very talented player, but don't just assume because he's on a team that they would be better.

I didn't say the bucks would be better. I said with Evans or Curry, the bucks would still be a playoff team. What made them successful wasn't mainly BJ. It was a combination of factors with their rookie point guard being one of them, and Evans and Curry could make the same impact at least. Hell, there was a time Luke was the best PG on the team.

Despite what people say by looking at stats... BJ is a pure PG who is really great at pushing the ball and making the right pass. And the shots he bricks are usually open. Not that it makes it any better, but he's just had a bad shooting year. He's not a bad shooter or a bad shot taker. He is the type of guy you'd want running your offense.

You just said he misses open shots, but he's not a bad shooter. That's exactly what an inconsistent shooter does: they are inconsistent. I don't see how being a more consistent and efficient scorer is a negative in Curry and Evans. It seems you want to penalize them for that.

wait a few years, you'll see what I mean.

We are having a discussion about THIS SEASON'S ROY award, not about how a guy will develop in a few years.

but Jennings came in and ran the PG like a pro. That, to me, is much greater than scoring 20 ppg on a 25 win team. TWENTY FIVE WINS...

And Evans and Curry came in and did the same. Why do you look at the record and assume those guys didn't? They stepped up, and could do the job with the bucks.

Hell, I think Collison could do what BJ did with the bucks.

Collison's post AS numbers:

19 PPG, 9 AST, 3 REB

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