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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by Showtime
WTF? How could Curry and Evans NOT do what BJ did? Please explain.

This is a very stupid comment. Every game is like practice? You do realize that the kings and warriors actually tried to WIN some games, right? And that Evans was often the only legit scorer who could create on his own? And that teams would gameplan against him and put the team's best individual defender on him, right? He had to face guys like Kobe, Artest, Thabo, Battier, etc despite playing a lot of minutes at PG, because teams tried to stop him. And, he often guarded the best perimeter player on the other end.

You are crazy if you think that because they lost games that it was just chucking at practice.
I think smak was saying that Tyreke or Curry wouldn't fit stylistically on the Bucks, I'm not saying I agree, but it's possible. Just because someone is a better player doesn't make them a better fit.

And about the practice thing, when most teams played the Warriors or Kings I doubt they put too much effort into defending Tyreke or Curry, compared to what they were doing against players who were on playoff teams (like Jennings). Again I'm just trying to explain what Smak meant so it's just a guess.
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