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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by LA_Showtime
Yeah, Bogut was the better player, but Jennings played a huge rule in the Bucks year. He did a great job managing the team. He's learning how to win.

The Kings fell into the lottery because they suck. Evans had a good year, but I'm still not convinced he's a winner. The guy monopolizes the basketball.

That's the thing. Jennings just happens to be a role player on a playoff team. He also has been extremely inconsistent even compared to fellow rook-PG Stephen Curry, who's arguably hasn't performed as well this season as Evans. Jennings is fortunate to be on a team that now has enough experience, and a lot of weaponry to become a perennial playoff team. Kings just aren't there, but Tyreke Evans had more than just a good year. He had a great rookie year. He showed to be the most capable rookie throughout the season. Whether that transcends to best career out of the class remains to be seen, but this year, he's deserves the ROY.

Don't get me wrong. Jennings is actually my personal favorite out of the rookies this year. I really look forward to how he develops, but I believe Evans had the best rookie campaign. Furthermore, at risk or sounding cheesy, I believe Jennings, Evans, and Curry all had different and valuable lessons in winning. Jennings obviously is performing good in the playoffs, but Evans has had some heroics in the season, notably leading the Kings back from 35 down against the Bulls mid-season. While my rookie rankings don't necessarily reflect how I think these players will develop in their careers, I find it hard to argue against what Evans has done this season for ROY.
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