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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

Originally Posted by dawsey6
Jennings didn't take his team to the playoffs. Bogut did. BJ was an key player on a playoff team, but not the one who lead them there.

Hell, with this kind of logic for ROY, Darko Milicic deserved it over Lebron James because he was on the championship team instead of the lottery team.

I mean really, I really believe in Jennings as a player, but if you watch these Bucks games, you know who's leading that team. On the other hand, the Kings didn't fall into the lottery because of Evans. They fell into the lottery because their team is bad. A top draft is most likely inherits a bad team. That's just the way it is. This should be basic sports knowledge.

Why do people use ridiculous compariosons to try and make their point valid? You sound like the people who try and say rings don't matter, and because Horry has 7 rings he's better than Karl Malone. Do you honestly believe comparing Darko Milicic to Lebron in terms of ROY is the same as comparing Jennings to Evans or Curry? If you do I just know from here on out to never respond/read/take any of your posts seriously, and hopefully everyone else can do the same.
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