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Default Re: Brandon Jennings is ROTY

If a player can shoot 37% from the field and make the playoffs, I'm sure he isn't the most valuable player on his team. The Bucks made the playoffs inspite of Jennings.

Like many have said, Bogut has improved tremendously and if it weren't for a few others, would have been a great choice for most improved player of the year. And then there's the trade for John Salmons. It was mentioned during the game that since acquiring Salmons, the bucks had one of the better records for the second half of the seasons.

Jennings is the playmaker, which is an important role, but that is all. He is far from the most valuable player on his team. I'd like to see him sit 10 games next season and watch Salmon/Bogut and others play. I doubt we'd see anything less than 5-5 in that span, especially if the schedule is fair.
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