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Default Re: Trade Ellis This Offseason?

Originally Posted by el gringos
Stop reading whatever website you get your info from- w johnson is in no way a "combo forward"- hopefully you're joking around about a skinny 2 gaurd sized guy playing pf in the nba- I think he will have trouble defensivly at the 2 and 3 but he wouldn't even stand a chance at 4- his best fit would be on a team who has guys that could cover a 2 or a 3- 2010 version of reggie miller

I'm not reading nothing from a website. I watched about every Syracuse game that came on and looked at how he played.

The dude can ball but he don't have any 2 guard skills.

Some of y'all are saying he is like Danny Granger, but I actually see some Shawn Marion in him.
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