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Default Re: Round 1, Game 2, April 19: Utah Jazz (0-1) @ Denver Nuggets (1-0)

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
Too bad for the Jazz.

Still don't understand why Deron re-upped...


Because he saw what utah was like and didnt mind it, hell he spends his offseasons in utah.

As far as the game goes. I just hope fez can get some playing time and really do some nice things. block some shots get some easy dunks and clear the glass. Im not like the other 2 jazz fans that are around here(sad we have so few fans on ISH). I havent lost faith in this jazz team even if we lose tonight, being back in utah will be a different story, even if we're down 0-3, I wont lose my faith because sooner or later a team has to come back from 0-3 why not the Jazz? Only time i will give up is if the nuggets reach 4 wins in this series before utah. No sooner.
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