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Default Re: Round 1, Game 1, April 18: Charlotte Bobcats @ Orlando Magic

Originally Posted by rufuspaul
And you're aobut as credible as Redick's haircut. Look, you said the cats got away with a lot of shit and in support of that you offer one incident which was debatable. SMH

Anyway I agree with Quizno. The refs didn't lose the game for us, our sorry defense on the crib midget did us in. Howard is gonna get things called his way just like every other superstar in the league. It's just how it is. I just hope we make the right adjustments and come to play tomorrow.

You must not watch a whole lot of Magic games (which I can't blame you, they aren't aired on national TV very much).

I don't mean to incite anything, but the refs can't stand Dwight, probably because he's always yelling at them. He had 15 technicals this season, and I guarantee at least 10-12 of them came from him yelling at a ref.

He definitely got away with things Monday, but I bet when we're in Charlotte, the tables will turn dramatically.

Especially if MJ has as much influence on the refs as he thinks he could get.
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