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Default Re: Round 1, Game 2, April 19: Utah Jazz (0-1) @ Denver Nuggets (1-0)

Originally Posted by The_Yearning
What can I say? Melo is just a nutcase. He isn't a skilled player and lacks the driving ability unless he is taking risk by bulldozing his way to the basket which is what he did every possession, and hence the offensive fouls. All of the offensive fouls were LEGIT and he should of been fouled out much earlier in the game.

Melo just isn't skilled. His game is not smooth or fluid. Paul Pierce more skilled than this clown. Jazz taking Game 3 and if they take Game 4, holla Denver.

It was a rare game where his jumpshot was off. The defense knew what he was going to do with the ball as soon as he got it. He was still able to get the foul line and had the highest +/- on the team.

"Melo isn't skilled"? After what he did in Game 1?
Let's see how the Nuggets respond before you leap to false conclusions.
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