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Originally Posted by tlang1982
Will Blalock and Steve Novak are going to be great 2nd Round Gems. Novak can be as good as Peja, with his jumper. And Blalock is highly unknown but could end up being the best PG in this draft with his great court vision, great athletism and has a 3 point shot that is developing.
Are you serious?

Novak as good as Peja? Get outta here with that garbage.

He can't guard power forwards because he isn't strong enough and he can't guard small forward because he isn't fast or quick enough. He has no post game and he stunk it up at the Orlando camp (couldn't buy a trey and that is he is calling card).

Screams Dan Langhi to me. I'd stay away. The shooting stroke and take your breath away but I don't see him being a major impact player at the next level. He'll be a lot close to Skita than Peja.

Blalock as the best PG in the draft? Did I miss something?

Marcus Williams is probably better than or as good as a good number of starting NBA point guards right now. Blalock can't even get a stiff at the first round in what is perceived to be a very weak draft.

I'm sorry, my friend, but you are waaaay off on your predictions for these two players. Way off.
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