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Default Re: Round 1, Game 2, April 19: Utah Jazz (0-1) @ Denver Nuggets (1-0)

With Okur and AK out, and Boozer sorta injured, it is hard to get excited about much of the playoffs. Bummed out.

Okur being out is a good thing as far as I'm concerned. The bummer is that they signed him to a huge extention instead of using his expiring contract.

We'll see if he sticks with us on his next contract.

Doubt it. He wants to win. He's not happy that they're giving talent away.

Maybe we'll get lucky with NY's 8th pick and get a pair of HOFers together.

Maybe if they trade it like they should.

sooner or later a team has to come back from 0-3 why not the Jazz?

Jerry? Price?

the only advantage denver has is utah is missing ak and okur

Sloan and Price are advantages for them as well.

Utah out coaches a lot of teams.

LOL! Who? PJ Caleisimo?

Fisher did lie to the Jazz saying he would sign with the Knicks because he daughter was getting care in NYC.

She is still getting care in NYC but he is playing further away in LA.

Who cares? That was a good thing losing his contract and Sloan's love of the guy.

It is pretty obvious Derrick Rose is now better than Carmelo Anthony. so is durant.

And many others. He's a great scorer not one of the greats in the game.

Melo should have fouled out. He had 4 offensive fouls. Of those 4, only 1 was legit. Thats the kind of respect he gets.

He started for the Dream Team and is always talked about with the top players. He gets a lot more respect than he deserves.

fesenko>okur...just saying

Not saying much. Koufos is better than both of them is the sad part.
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