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Default Re: San Antonio Spurs @ Dallas Mavericks Game Thread (Mavs lead series 1-0)

Originally Posted by SCdac
Great post BTW. just want to comment on this part though. Jefferson never had to play with Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ginobili (all players with high usage-%) in Milwaukee. Last season Jefferson lead the Bucks in minutes played, field goal attempts, free throw attempts, and points. Needless to say, big difference from this season. Personally, I put about 65% of the blame on Jefferson himself for being unconfident and slow-to-adapt this season, but I also place a good 35% of the blame on the coaching staff and point guards (particularly Parker) for not having "go to" plays and offensive game plans designed with RJ in mind. Of the 78 FGA last game for SA, the big three took 52 of those shots. Considering Jefferson averages basically 40 MPG and 11 FGA in previous playoffs, there just wasn't alot of looks for him in his 32 minutes, and picking up two early fouls undoubtedly hampered his game... Basically, I def agree he needs to step up, but he needs more opportunities to do it IMO.

Point is that the great players can adjust their game in order to be successful. Your saying the partial blame is on the coaching staff and the point guards but last year in Milwaukee RJ didn't have guys setting him up for his 20 points a night. He was relied on to make his own shot and do his own thing most of the time. Yes, more shot attempts could be the reason for that. But honestly this team doesn't have enough talent to take shots away from him. If anything, he needs to realize that we need him to put the ball in the basket. As long as he doesn't take away from Manu, Duncan or Parker (Hill being out with an injury is an exception) who are going to get their shots up regardless, then the coaching staff should be fine with him taking some shots away from Mason, Bogans, Bonner, even McDyess. The guy has a pretty solid midrange game, but if he isn't shooting the ball how is he supposed to produce? He's not a defender, he's not a playmaker, a decent rebounder but that's not where he excels. It's putting the ball in the hoop where he's at his best and needs to take 8-12 shots tonight if he plans on producing in the scoring column at all. He doesn't need to seddle for corner threes either, he's not Bruce Bowen. He needs to do his own thing. Even isolate him on the wing if he's got a mismatch or something. When Duncan is doing his thing in the lane, get RJ slashing from the weak side. But he needs something to get his game going.
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