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Default Re: San Antonio Spurs @ Dallas Mavericks Game Thread (Mavs lead series 1-0)

Originally Posted by raiderfan19
thats the thing, we arent too good of shooters. Caron/marion/damp/haywood/jj/stevenson can all be left open without any fear of them hitting jumpers.

And no matt bonner guarding dirk one on one isnt the answer. The best thing to do would be to put timmy on him and hope that them both being superstars would let timmy get away with being super physical. The risk you run there is that A) timmy cant guard him without fouling which puts it on the refs to let him get away with things. B) it takes a ton out of his legs and you need him on O and C) if the refs do call the fouls on him, hes in foul trouble and there goes the game.

Wait what?

No, no, no.

The Spurs tried doubling Dirk LAST year and that completely failed.

Caron is just as good as JHo at hitting jumpers or driving and last year JHo tore the Spurs up when his man left to double.

Marion is not going to just stand there if his man leaves him. He will cut to the basket for an inside shot. He is shooting about 50% this year b/c of that.

Damp and Haywood won't need to hit jumpers as they will be right under the basket. They catch the ball after their man leaves and its either an easy score or the Spurs fouling 90% of the time.

JJB likewise was a pain for the Spurs last year and made them pay when they ignored him.

Stevenson likely won't even play except for in certain situations so there is no reason to bring him up. However, I will note that he seemed to be shooting his 3 pointers a bit better near the end of the year.

Kidd is now a legit 3 point threat who can't be left open.

on top of that, if Terry gets uncorked, its over (and BTW Pop places a high priority of shutting down Terry)

The Spurs are at a major disadvantage against the Mavs b/c they no longer have a player that can guard Dirk one on one. The Mavs still have Damp and now Haywood to throw at Duncan and that is where the Mavs win the series.

The Spurs can only win if they limit the Mavs secondary players just as the Mavs win if they stop the Spurs role players. If they double Dirk, they likely get eviscerated. They have to hope that Dampier and Haywood get into foul trouble so Dallas is forced to double Duncan. The Spurs must stay on Dirk one on one and try to get Haywood and especially Dampier into foul trouble.
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