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Default Re: The "Official 2010 NFL Draft" Thread

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
I agree, I fail to see the hype behind Sam Bradford, coming from a shotgun offense, having the best O-Line, terrible at falling, etc. etc.
I realize that attitude plays a part in a player's stock, but Clausen is by far the #1 QB in this draft class and if he falls below 20, that team will be getting one of the better steals in this draft
Bradford makes Clausen look amateur during work outs...

on his Proday Bradford had everyone's jaw on the ground, he didn't miss a single target...that is when the Rams made up their mind IMO...they are just keeping trades open

he is also bigger than Clausen, along with just being more accurate and having better work ethic...

there is no comparison

only reason Mel compares them is for shock value and to go against the grain...there isn't a single scout out there that would agree on taking Clausen over Sam...
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