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Default Re: Round 1, Game 3, April 22: Lakers at Thunder

Originally Posted by Lakerlove420
at the start of this series I predicted Lakers in 5 games. figuring the Lakers could steal one in OKC. (hopeful) . ..
last game in LA was a little to close and not that convincing for the Lakers
even so
I don't know .. .
if we take this one tonight then I'm saying a straight up sweep . . who's with me?

Nah, it's the OKC franchise's first home playoff game, the fans are going to go berserk. It will be loud and high energy. The Lakers will feel sorry for the Thunder, and not want to spoil something their fans deem so important. They'll be like "we'll just let the Thunder have this game out of courtesy" and lose by double digits. That said, Kobe and Gasol will still play all out because they didn't get the memo.
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