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Originally Posted by tlang1982
Everything you described about Novak sounds like Peja. He's an in between size and too slow. Wow sounds like a pretty accurate comparisson to me. They are both excellent open catch and release shooters.

And I'm so tired of people in love with marcus williams. He had the most talent of any college team by far and couldn't lead them. What's he going to do with a lottery team? He's too small and doesn't have the blazing speed to make up for his lack of size. His shot is suspect and his decision making is still at question. I'd take Darius Washington's PG passing ability's over Marcus. He'll be a bust. You can quote me on that.
Marcus Williams is 6'3.

That's big for a point guard.

That right there disqualifies you from knowing what the F you are talking about.

OH and I almost forgot about my boy Blaylock. How many games have you watched of his?? oh yea you didn't, Iowa State probably wasn't on TV where you're from. His stats don't show it but watch some game tape and the proof is there. There's a reason like teams like the Celtics brought him back twice cause they were amazed by his ability and skills that are ready for the NBA game NOW not 2 years down the road.
The Celtics brought a lot of guys back for a second Marcus Williams.

Anything else you want to be wrong about?
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