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Default Re: The "Official 2010 NFL Draft" Thread

Originally Posted by ~primetime~
Bradford makes Clausen look amateur during work outs...

on his Proday Bradford had everyone's jaw on the ground, he didn't miss a single target...that is when the Rams made up their mind IMO...they are just keeping trades open

he is also bigger than Clausen, along with just being more accurate and having better work ethic...

there is no comparison

only reason Mel compares them is for shock value and to go against the grain...there isn't a single scout out there that would agree on taking Clausen over Sam...

Key word: Workout
Bradford did well in passing DRILLS in a CONTROLLED environment...

The transition from spread QB to NFL QB is HUGE... see: Alex Smith
Clausen is ONE inch shorter than Bradford... oh no
Bradford put those stats up in a spread offense in a zero defense league with an offensive line that gave him years to throw. Out of the very small amount of times he got hit, he was knocked out with injury twice... injury prone/soft much?
Consensus scout opinions are often wrong as well - see: Reggie Bush
Clausen is tougher, has more grit
He was also brought up by Charlie Weis, who despite his futility as a Head Coach, is an offensive GURU
Due to his defense being a P.O.S. its extremely impressive how clutch and level headed Clausen was in bringing his team back to win/ close to catching up.. he is also more durable and has played through gameS with injuries
Finally, nearly every part of his college team SUCKed apart from Tate and Floyd, one of whom was almost always injured... his defense sucked, his line sucked, his RBs sucked... compared to Bradford's overstacked team, so you can hardly use college success as part of the grading scheme. The fact that Clausen had a 28-4 TD ratio is INSANE considering the level of his line... I doubt Bradford would've done the same in his circumstances, especially since he'd probably have been out with all the roughings he would've taken.

If Clausen falls all the way down to Minnesota, they will be guaranteed perennial contenders for a long time, while I wouldn't be surprised if Bradford is a bust/mediocre QB at best with that awful line he'll have at St. Louis
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