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Originally Posted by reppy
"******" is the term usually reserved for kids that try way too hard to look black. You know, wearing a wife beater and got some fake plastic jewelry bling necklace. Trying to speak ebonics and failing miserably.

At least that's how I've already viewed it. You listen to rap? Hang with black dudes? Wear Fubu? I don't care. But when you go over the top and try to imitate every part of black culture..

That's the thing. Black people apparently have some sort of paten on slang and urbanized dialects. It's the same thing the original poster is talking about (ie. only white people are articulate, only black people use ebonics). Not all white people are well spoken. Go to the ghettos, the rough parts of town, or the trailer parks and I guarantee you you'll find what people refer to as "******s". Not because they are pretending, but just because they were raised in the same environment as everybody else. It's who they are. You think white kids raised in the ghettos come out sounding like they just graduated from Cambridge? No, they're going to sound just like the black dudes, and everybody else, around them. Just like how black dudes who grow up in nice parts of town (suburbs, etc) don't sound "gangster" or don't use "ebonics", they sound like normal folks. Yet, to some black people, that's "abandoning their race".

I agree that some white people (or Asians, etc) can go too far with the whole "dressing gangster" thing (usually obvious, some B-Rad from the suburbs or something), but when it comes to language and dialect, I think it's all about how, and where, you were raised. Certainly it's not just black people using ebonics, and certainly it's not just white people speaking articulately.

Like I said, it goes both ways. Black people aren't the only victims of stereotypes.

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