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Default Re: Tebow Taken Before Jimmy Claussen and Colt McCoy?

Originally Posted by JMT
The consensus from the experts...NFL guys, not the KIpers that this draft became nothing but 2nd & 3rd round quality after about the 20th player selected.

So if that's the case, and you have guy who has a real NFL body; has displayed leadership ability at the highest level of collegiate football; has consistently overcome doubts about his potential (insiders projected him to move to LB or TE in college based on his lack of big time QB skills); is a strong character guy; can run, throw and doesn't shy away from contact; AND you have a pair of QB's that nobody sees as leading your franchise for the next 10 years, why not?

You can talk about areas of need all you want. But if you're at a point in the draft where you're looking at the 3rd best OL, DL, S, whatever, and there's a guy who has been the best college football player of the last few years and has all the qualities listed above, the pick makes perfect sense to me.

They can take time developing him with Quinn and Orton ahead of him. Maybe he won't start a game for a year or 2 but that's fine because he can develop as an NFL QB. You know he will work hard enough to improve himself and I think he can be a starting QB. I was shocked they went with Thomas and not Dez Bryant tho. Dez's character issues are way overblown.
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