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Default Re: Round 1, Game 3, April 23: Mavericks @ Spurs

Originally Posted by Locked_Up_Tonight
You said Dirk was wildly inconsisent. Big difference. Duncan is on most nights going to have a high FG%.

That is because they aren't the same type of player on offense.

But to say Dirk is "inconsistent" is a misguided statement. If he is thought of as insonsistent, then 99% of NBA players past and present are "inconsistent."
How is making everything or missing everything not inconsistent? Sure it averages out to a good % but he is losing games on nights where he can't hit a barn. All the great big men won championships by being fundamentally sound and Dirk likes to exit out of the first round to the Warriors. But I'm done with you. You seem like a fan boy and very opposed to reason.
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