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Originally Posted by fatboy11
Williams is 6'3.25 in shoes. In the NBA............they wear shoes.

Will Blalock is 6'0 in shoes, but Williams is too short?

Williams is always out of shape. Doesn't affect his game. He hasn't really gassed in any workouts that I know of.

Are you trying to tell me that the Celtics would be more likely to take Will Blalock than Marcus Williams at #7?

No you're not listening. I said Marcus will be a bust. He couldn't lead a team that had more talent then some of the lottery teams in the draft. 2nd I was saying Blalock is more athletic a better passer and a SLEEPER, do you understand the tile of the forum topic "this year's draft sleepers" Williams will be atop this draft's busts. He is no where near a Chris Paul. He's not even near a Deron Williams. He's going to be a backup PG at best.
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