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Default Dish Network...ABC

How many of you have Dish Network and had your distant broadcast channels ripped away from you a month ago?

I for one did. the only channel that this really affected me was ABC, as there is no ABC affiliates anywhere close to me. I had been without ABC for nearly a month, and was starting to get Pissed because I wouldn't be able to record the Lakers-Heat game on Christmas and watch it when i get home. also, ABC will start carrying more and more games throughout the rest of the year.
anyways, if you didn't receive the emails or catch it on the info channels, you can now get your distant networks through All American Direct.
you have to pay them separately for the distant networks that you purchase, but it's only 2.50 a month, whereas Dish Network was charging 3 bucks a month. I just got mine turned on, and can now go back to watching ABC regularly.
the ABC channels show up on 5735 & 5736.
just go to mydistantnetworks .com and it'll verify which networks you're capable of picking up. then sign up and within 24 hours, you're back in bidness.
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