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Default Re: Round 1, Game 3, April 24: Orlando Magic (2-0) @ Charlotte Bobcats (0-2)

Dwight has to stop picking up so many offensive fouls, but that 5th foul on him was a shitty call. Howard and Chandler were being equally physical with eachother, that should have been a non-call. Regardless, he's becoming ridiculously dominant defensively. 5 blocks in the 4th quarter despite fouling out with 3-4 minutes left. Carter has been well below his standard in game 1 and game 3, but it was good to see him attacking and playing efficiently in game 2. His 3's will eventually drop. Jameer has been amazing, a healthy Jameer Nelson makes them so much more dangerous than last year because now they can win even if Howard and Carter aren't scoring.
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