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Originally Posted by tlang1982
No you're not listening. I said Marcus will be a bust. He couldn't lead a team that had more talent then some of the lottery teams in the draft. 2nd I was saying Blalock is more athletic a better passer and a SLEEPER, do you understand the tile of the forum topic "this year's draft sleepers" Williams will be atop this draft's busts. He is no where near a Chris Paul. He's not even near a Deron Williams. He's going to be a backup PG at best.

The topic says "sleeper", not "sleepers". One player, not open for discussion or suggestions. There is no debate about what the topic was intended for because I only I know.

I know what the topic was about and it was only about one player, Joel Freeman. It wasn't a topic for "draft sleepers". It was a topic for a guy that is a true sleeper. Someone no one was heard of before last week.

You said that Marcus Williams was small for a PG, right? Okay, I proved you wrong.

You said Marcus will be a bust. Did you prove me wrong? No because you can't right now.

Facts are facts and mine are right. Your's aren't.

This topic was for Joel Freeland because he is the ture sleeper of the draft. Everyone knew who Steve Novak, Will Blalock, and every other player in this draft was before last week. No one knew who Joel Freeland was. It doesn't get more sleeper than Joel Freeland.
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